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An Online Waitlist is Available!

Are you looking for a specific date or time for an appointment but it was already taken?

  • Solution: The best thing to do is add yourself to my online waitlist through the "Book Online" feature here on the website.

  • How it works: My Vagaro booking system will give you the option to select multiple specific dates and time frames, in addition to the type of massage and duration you desire. If a session becomes available, Vagaro will send an automated message to the person at the top of the request list for that particular date that matches both the time frame and duration that has become available.

  • Act Fast: You will have 30 minutes to accept the notification before it moves on to the next person on the list. Please be aware that while that spot sits empty awaiting your response, someone else who randomly is trying to book online can reserve it. I have no control over this unfortunately. So if you don't want to miss out, try not to wait too long after the notification is given to respond.

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*SPECIAL NOTE: If no appointments are showing up as available, it means that I am either fully booked or I have not yet opened the next month's appointment calendar.

  • Like many, I too am human and have personal or family needs, life/school events, professional development, and obligations. I try to block off my schedule in advance or work around my business hours to accommodate this as much as I can. Sometimes, although rarely, I also experience illnesses and emergencies that require a need to request extra time off when those occasions occur.

  • I massage 6 days a week and often fill up very quickly. Because I am so highly sought after and have a very large following of the most amazing clients; as much as I would like to open up the whole year's availability.. it would result in a situation where it would be difficult or even near impossible to have a new spot reasonably available for rescheduling. For this reason I must limit how far in advance appointments can be reserved. 

  • I apologize if this limitation poses an inconvenience, but it's the best way I can help ensure my clients can all get in with me in a timely manner should I have a personal or emergent situation that arises.

  • I will do my best to accommodate everyone as best as I can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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