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Professional Treatments

Improve your over all well-being
Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

Are you ready to escape to a place of calm, serenity and well-being? 
Whether you are looking for a one time massage or a custom-made treatment plan, we are here to meet your needs. 

With our wide range of traditional massage modalities, specialty sessions and combination treatments, you'll be sure to experience  pure relaxation &  the rejuvenation you deserve for your whole-body wellness.

Traditional Sessions


Swedish Massage

60 min - $70
90 min - $115

When the body relaxes, it heals.

As the most historically popular and well known of traditional body treatments, 

a Swedish Massage is widely sought after for the purpose of general relaxation and whole-body wellness.
A Swedish Massage is a full body experience that combines gentle pressure along with long waves of fluid-like strokes and soft kneading.

Benefits from this session includes:

 Soothing tired and tense tissues by elongating the muscles

Releasing pressure on joints and to help reduce swelling

 Increase blood and lymph circulation

Facilitate injury rehabilitation and encourage cell replication

Improve flexibility and range of motion

 Immune system strengthening and improved sleep quality

 Naturally lower cortisol  "stress" hormone levels

Promote stress management by helping to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

Provide a sense of rejuvenation in both the body and the mind.
This is also a wonderful introduction to massage for “first timers”.

Therapeutic Massage

60 min - $80   
(Single Area Deep Tissue Focus)
90 min - $125 
(Double Area Deep Tissue Focus)


This is our most commonly requested traditional session.

Ideal for individuals that need a step above a traditional Swedish Massage, but don't quite need a full body Deep Tissue treatment. 

Tailored towards your individual needs, this massage provides focused work on specific problem areas to lengthen overly tight muscles, increase range of motion and ease physical and mental stress. Medium to firm pressure is applied in specific focus areas that are needing it the most and lighter more gentle pressure in others that do not. Our Therapeutic Massage combines the best of both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to help maximize your wellness experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min - $55
60 min - $90
90 min - $135

Perfect for athletes and those with physically active demands on their body who are in need of a full body emphasis

in targeting multiple layers of muscle tissues.

This massage focuses on loosening and lengthening tired and overused muscles.
Your therapist will use a variety of pointed and broad arm pressure, several muscle releasing techniques, hot towels, and

stretches in combination with the cooling benefits of "Herbal Ice" to ease the tension and

soreness brought on by your busy day.

*This session is not ideal for those new to massage therapy or for individuals that do not receive bodywork on a regular basis.

If you have the following conditions, please refrain from booking this modality and speak with the massage therapist for an alternative session that would be more safely appropriate and still beneficial.

Undiagnosed lumps and bumps 

Acute injury or inflammation ( less than 1 week)

Varicose veins, known blood clots, and/or Haemophilla

Artherosclerosis, Thrombosis, Hypertenstion and Phlebitis

Recent fractures, sprains or surgery within 6 months (depending on the surgery)

Cancer that is not in remission


Diabetic neuropathy or other neurological diagnosis that has either

drastically decreased or increased your sensitivity to pressure and temperatures.

(Some "Session Enhancements" are not available for the 30 min massage)

Specialty Sessions


Renewal Massage

60 min - $90
90 min - $135


Our most popular spa session that incorporates our Therapeutic Massage along with the use of essential oils, hot stones, gentle exfoliating foot scrub, and hydration mask for your legs and feet.*

(Specialty Session)

Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage

60 min - $90
90 min - $135

Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage has a profound effect on the body’s five senses.

Therapeutic essences from plants infused along with nourishing oils help to promote well-being on many levels. Our specialized massage technique fuses influences from the East and West to relax, revive, and renew your body.

This nurturing session provides light to medium pressure.

(Specialty Session)

De-stress Massage

30 min - $50

A De-stress Massage awakens the senses through touch and aroma.

This deeply relaxing synergy soothes the mind,
melts tension and harmonizes the body.
A clothed session that combines varied pressured compressions, gentle rocking,

tapotement (manual rhythmic percussion), light stretching, scalp, neck, and hand massage. 

(Specialty Session)

Feet, Hands and Scalp Massage

60 min - $80

A relaxing alternative to a full-body massage. The feet, hands, and scalp are rich in nerve endings and acupressure points.

Revive yourself from countless hours on the move with this delightfully soothing treatment.

Your therapist will provide a stimulating scalp massage as you lay comfortably while your

legs, feet, and hands are wrapped in therapeutic towels.

A 30 min spa-reflexology massage, along with a sugar scrub exfoliation and hydration mask for your legs and feet are included.

You will also receive a gentle gua sha facial & neck massage.

 (Specialty Session)


Indian Head Massage

30 min - $60
60 min - $100

This traditional Ayurvedic therapy focuses solely upon the head, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Benefits include improving blood flow, aid in easing overactive or anxious minds, reduction in the frequency of migraines, relief from tension headaches, encouragement of lymphatic drainage and contribution towards improved concentration. 

This is a deeply nurturing seated session with your choice of heated aromatherapy oil.

*The 60 minute session includes a 30 min therapeutic herbal foot soak and hot stone application for your neck and shoulders.

(Specialty Session)


Serenity Spa-Flexology Massage

30 min - $50

This ancient Polynesian foot treatment

will render a sense of restoration and balance.

Relieve unwanted stress and tension within your feet & toes through an invigorating exfoliation scrub, re-hydration herbal gel mask 

and hot stone application. 

To complete this calming session, your therapist will provide a soothing spa-reflexology massage and gentle stretch.

(Specialty Session)

Sinus Relief Massage

30 min - $45

60 min - $90

Mini-Me Massage

(15 yrs and under)

30 min - $45

Facial sinus massage involves gentle pressure application with the hands to the skin on the

forehead, nose and cheeks. Using a special blend herb infused oil & pressure relieving massage

techniques, your therapist will provide a subtle and effective treatment that reduces sinus inflammation and helps flush accumulated allergens from the head.

* Our 60 min session includes a 20 min mud mask with

a cooling cucumber & green tea eye patch application, a soothing cucumber, aloe vera

with ginseng toner, and a hydrating herbal gel mask.

This session extension helps to ease joint and muscle pain while improving blood circulation,

increase tissue hydration, support lymphatic drainage and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

(Specialty Session)

A gentle youth massage to help ease the physical growing pains and emotional stresses of growing up. Our therapist will provide a calming Swedish Massage tailored to the needs of your child. This session is a great introduction to personal self-care and wellness.

*A legal guardian must be present during the massage and complete a parental consent form upon arrival for each session
for any minor under the age of 18.
(Specialty Session)

Prenatal Massage

(2nd & 3rd Trimester Only)

60 min - $70

 During pregnancy, your center of gravity changes and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Regular prenatal massage during pregnancy may reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression, help relieve muscle aches, reduce water retention, improve circulation and ease joint pain. 

(Specialty Session)

Body Polish Massage

90 min - $150

90 min - $135

90 min - $145

This stimulating treatment gently sloughs off unwanted dead skin 

and boosts circulation while helping to drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. A complete body polish exfoliation along with a  soothing essential oil massage provides a rejuvenating experience, helping you to unwind and drift away into a state of bliss. 

Your therapist will provide you with a complete head to toe experience of wellness and relaxation.

(Specialty Session)

Hot Stone Massage

60 min - $90

Using smooth water-treated and heated volcanic basalt stones along with a classic Swedish massage, your therapist will help to promote a deeply relaxing escape that will melt away the stress and tension stored within your body. Muscles that are pretreated with these specialized stones allow for increased tissue manipulation of a greater intensity than with just massage alone.

(Specialty Session)

Combination Treatments

Indian Head Massage


Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage 


90 min - $145

90 min - $155

2 hour - $200

Seaweed or Mud Body Wrap

This amazing and relaxing treatment rejuvenates every cell in your mind and body.


This Service Includes

Full-body dry brushing 

Your choice of nourishing mineral rich seaweed or a soothing detoxifying mud application 

A warm cocoon wrapping to help you slip into a deep state of relaxation

An invigorating scalp massage

Soothing jade cold stone and gua sha facial massage

And as a finale, a cool herbal gel mask and rehydration full body massage 


Body Wrap Benefits:

  • Help to reduce stress, tension, sleep disturbances, nervousness and exhaustion

  • Decrease in muscle tension, ease water retention and help in drawing out impurities

  • Increase lymphatic and blood circulation

  • Lessen arthritic pain and minor irritations of the skin

Body Wrap Contraindications:

For medical safety purposes, this session is NOT available to be performed on children 17 years old or younger, or for individuals with heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, those using blood thinning medication, pregnancy, currently nursing, epilepsy, claustrophobia, and cancer that is not in remission. 

*Please let your therapist know if you have a sensitivity or allergy towards certain foods, essences or aromas at the time of booking so that an alternative can be arranged prior to your appointment.

(Disposable undergarments will be provided or you may wear your own, but they MUST be worn during the session)

For Optimal Results: 

Clients should shower prior to arriving for their appointment when possible.

Clients should avoid getting wet or taking a shower for at least 8 hours after the session

to allow the wrap ingredients to be fully absorbed.

It's recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water for a few days

following the wrap session to help flush waste & toxins and to help keep your body hydrated.

Indian Head Massage
Swedish Massage

Indian Head Massage
Therapeutic Massage

Indian Head Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Indian Head Massage
Renewal Massage

Body Wrap with
Scalp & Facial Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

90 min - $180

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking due to

set up requirements and supplies costs.

The deposit becomes non-refundable on the same day as the reservation.

30 min $40 (head and neck only)

or 60 min - $70 


Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle "light touch" approach to releasing tensions in the soft tissue that surround the central nervous system.

It's typically performed while fully clothed and with an extremely light hands-on touch, equal to 5 grams or the weight of a nickel.

The focus is to release abnormal tissue tensions inhibiting the central nervous system, to enhance,

balance and restore the motion of fluid movement within the body to its proper quality, amplitude,

and rate while also improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Craniosacral therapy may be helpful with:

migraines and headaches
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia
sinus infections
neck pain
trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash
mood disorders like anxiety or depression
difficult pregnancies

*Craniosacral Therapy is not a traditional massage. It is a form of "light touch" therapy.

Reservations are only made available by phone to ensure that the client is fully informed of what to expect with this session


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time

These requested arrival times allow you the time needed to speak with your therapist about your needs, complete new client paperwork (as it applies), use the restroom, enjoy your sauna time if you choose to use it and ensure your session starts on time. Late arrivals unfortunately means a risk of losing your sauna time and possibly a reduction in your scheduled session so as to not cause a delay with the next client's arrival.

Full service payment is still required.


White Sand and Stone

Coming Soon!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Reiki Massage

Shirodhara Massage

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