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 ~ Session Enhancement Add-ons~

 Enhancements are blended in with your scheduled session time. Most may be added upon arrival.
Any enhancements that involve heat must be added no later than the day before your session.



Dry Brushing - $5 

Full body dry exfoliation 


Sinus Relief - $5 

Sinus and facial massage 


Sole Rejuvenation - $5 

Lower legs and foot whipped scrub

and rehydration cream 

Back Scrub - $5 

Gentle sugar scrub exfoliation 

Cupping - $5 

Myofascial glide cup application can help reduce pain and assist in

retraining a movement pattern.

Cupping in this method lifts the skin, fascia and muscles apart to

decompress tissues which help create more space for tissue mobility.

This effect also assists in breaking down small adhesions (knots) and

kick-starts the healing process by drawing fluids and healing molecules into the area.

Gua Sha - $5

Gua sha is sometimes referred to as

"scraping", "spooning", or "coining"

Most often used to relieve muscle and joint pains in the body and

help promote lymphatic drainage.

Facial Gua sha stimulates the dermis layer of the skin to improve elasticity,

increase circulation and help release tension to relax facial muscles

Nature's Touch - $5

Single area CBD massage oil application

(Must be 21 years of age or older)

6 Hot Stones - $5 

Ideal for use on the back, glutes & legs to help relax and stretch overly tight muscles

(Must be added in advance)

Mud Mask Facial - $5

15 min Dead Sea mud mask along with

a cooling cucumber & green tea eye patch application,

finished with a soothing cucumber, aloe vera and rose water toner.

(Must be added in advance)

(this is non-aesthetic treatment)

Herbal Gel Mask - $5

15 min Cool Herbal gel mask along with

a cucumber & green tea eye patch application,

finished with a soothing cucumber, aloe vera and rose water toner

(Must be added in advance)

(this is non-aesthetic treatment)

Jade Cold Stone - $5

Soothing cold jade stones are used to help ease facial muscle tension

and inflammation as well has provide relief from sinus pressure.

Cool Collagen Under Eye Pad - $5

Soothing relief for facial fluid buildup, allergies, and sinus pressure

*My therapeutic massage facial applications

help to improve blood circulation, calm inflammation, improve fascial integrity,

aid in lymphatic fluid buildup drainage, and reduce joint & sinus pain,

while also providing a soothing sense of relaxation. Methods used are for massage

therapy purposes only and are not to be mistaken for an aesthetic treatment.

Some enhancements may not be safe for certain individuals.
For your safety, please inform your therapist in advance of any allergies, touch sensitivities, neuropathy or other medical issues that you may have.

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